Ming, a friend of mine who's also an artist, asked me to design a tattoo for him. I really love his artworks and his style, and I always think that it's such a privilege to design tattoos for people because, well, they do last forever.

He wanted a wood-cut-styled deer head, and was pretty open to ideas. So I came up with this deer and made a stamp this morning, while listening to Orwell's 1984 audiobook. 

And below is a colored version, with water-color pencils. I'm still exploring with them.

And, finally, I get some vacation, which I haven't had for a whole hectic semester. I am leaving for London on friday, and will go to Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester after that. I will be going to an annual antique fair in London - my lovely house-owner offered the invitation. Then on the 28th, there is a conference on J. M. Coetzee, the South-African writer whose autobiographical works I'm writing my thesis on, in Leeds that I'll be attending with my supervisor. 

While looking forward to the wonderful weeks in the UK, I have two custom stamps to completed before I leave, and they are both for wedding invitations. The customers are really communicative and I'm really grateful for their trust.

Guess I'll see you in a while:D