Tiger for Christmas

Born and raised in China, Christmas hasn't really been an important holiday on my calendar, which is why  I spent the past two days (and the two weeks before that) working on something for the upcoming exhibition (Jan 7th - 27th) at Svarta Lådan, a street-facing window display area and a showcase for young designers in Sweden.

There will be 5 different posters in the exhibition, each by a different artist/studio and done with a different technique. Other techniques include computer graphics, photography, sketch and screen printing; mine is relief printing. 

I started early, knowing that it would be challenging because I've never worked on this scale. The linoleum block I got measures 50 x 60 cm. I did the sketching with my graphic tablet using Photoshop, printed it with a plotter printer and transferred the design to the linoleum block using carbon paper. 

What ensues is days of carving. I had a limited budget and four different gouges in my tool box. I use a small iron every 20 min or so to heat up and soften the block. 

The carving took a week. I pulled my first working proof this morning. There are minor modifications to be made - which I plan to do now - and I'm hoping to pull a couple of good prints tomorrow.