4 Weeks, 4 Giveaways

I promised you a new giveaway on Facebook a while ago, but decided to... have four instead!

There will be one giveaway every week leading to Christmas - they will happen on Facebook and perhaps Instagram, starting every Wednesday and ending the next Tuesday. I will be posting the details of each of them here on the blog.

I will be giving away the following items - open to everyone and world shipping (regular airmail) is included. 

  • A 2" stamp of your choice. I'm considering having this challenge solely on Instagram, but I haven't decided how it works yet.
  • A $50 gift card for you to use in the shop or give as a present. 
  • A new two-block print ($80) - you can see the first block here; I've already completed the second block - a lighter-color background layer so the print will be completed very soon. In case the prints are sold out, I will give away a $80 gift card instead. 
That's about it! What do you think? I would love to hear about your suggestions/questions. Now I will be making some new cover images for Facebook and the shop; the newsletter will be sent out today about the giveaway, so the four weeks of giveaway officially commences!