Both Blocks Completed

I was at Hem och Villa (House & Villa) convention last month where I completed the first block of my new print, nicknamed Pee & Flee - thanks to Laura on Facebook who came up with it.

I was busy making stamps last month so it was only yesterday that I completed the second block. It will be printed in a lighter color as the background.

This is my first two-layer print, although I've made rubber stamps like this before. I ordered some inks from IB Wahlstöm start printing this weekend. 

Haven't decided which colors to use, but I'll try mixing things up a bit. Note to self - keep a color reference book!

For the next print, I'm still struggling between two projects - a very simplistic line-drawing, two layers with two different colors, AND a more ambitions, A4-sized reduction print. 

Portrait stamp giveaway is still on-going on Facebook! Don't miss it :)