New studio, yay!

I moved to a new studio!

It's in the center the island Lidingö, a modest 11 square meters. I have moved in my smaller computer desk and the bigger one (on the left)  for when I sketch, carve or print. I built some simple wall-hanging shelves on the right. Apart from the two windows you see, there's a large glass wall facing the outside - that's where our fika area and kitchen is.

Needless to say, I'm feeling peachy! This following week will be very busy with loads of Christmas orders, but after that I should have sometime to make a few prints.

Anyway, I'm posting pictures of my recent custom hand-carved rubber stamps - I shipped this many last week - and you know where the shop is if you'd like to order one :)

The first is Ann's stamp. She's the awesome snake/reptile rescue lady from Australia. Ann won my last portrait stamp giveaway and this is the prize - her personalized portrait stamp.

Ann's stamp actually took two attempts. I wasn't happy with the first version's python so I had to make a second one. It turned out great though!

Then there are two very small stamps: a 1 cm mouse and a 3 cm pelican.

Another two portrait stamps of two very different ladies -

A custom text stamp for wedding invitations -

And a custom logo rubber stamp for Karyn. She's based in Mjölby, Sweden and makes goat milk soap!

As usual, you can find out about giveaways and Christmas offers on my Facebook page :) Have a good day!