This year's first "julbord"

I shipped all these packages yesterday - they will be the last batch to non-EU countries that will make it before Christmas. Now I can finally catch a breath!

May the Force guard you all the way to your new owners.

I sent out all the photos of the custom stamps this morning, then it's time for my new office's julbord this year. Julbord translates literally to Christmas table and features the highlights of Swedish cuisine including a variety of fish (various pickled herring, smoked and baked salmon), Christmas cheese, Christmas ham, meatballs (of course), Janssons frestelse (Jansson's temptation, a traditional Swedish casserole), beetroot salad, potatoes and more. 

Weeks of very hard work gave me good reasons to justify my over-eating. 

As usual, here are some stamps I shipped out yesterday -

Anna makes adorable little felt mice. She wanted a custom logo stamp for her Etsy shop, As Nice As Mice, with her favorite mouse, Archibald, with his little glasses and waist coat.

Here's Archibald. Photo from Anna's Etsy shop
Here is the custom logo stamp I created for Anna! It measures about 5cm or 2" tall.

Here's a tiny stamp for Tyrone who owns an English brunch place called Greasy Spoon in Södermalm, Stockholm. This tiny stamp of their logo is the second one I made for them.

This little one is roughly 1cm or 3/8" wide.
And a new portrait stamp! This is how a hand-carved custom portrait stamp comes together - from photo, to sketch, then into a stamp :)

Mmm. Off to enjoy a well-deserved weekend!