Dead Astronaut Ex Libris, Sketch

Here's what I've been drawing today - design for a custom stamp, commissioned by a sci-fi aficionado. Needless to say I enjoyed every second of it.

The customer, Franz, had in mind a dead astronaut looking in an airlock, with a barren moon-like planet and a UFO in the background. I designed this based on his idea.

If you would like to get a custom Ex Libris stamp like this one, use the contact form on the right. Or just say hello :)

There are some things I planned when I started and that I didn't include in the final design, including shattered glass on the airlock and a crack on the astronaut's helmet, but I'm very happy with how the design looks and I wouldn't want to change a thing. Luckily Franz, really trusted me and liked the design. 

I will post pictures of the stamp being made in my next blog post. 

Yay! :P