The Truth about Love

So I named my latest linocut Kärlek (love) for apparent reasons. I tried to work in some gruesomeness, some depth and some humor. Pretty happy with how the final prints look!

Now, as usual, some process pictures - 

I've been using A4 sized linoleum blocks so I usually just sketch on a piece of printer paper.

After transferring the outline, I drew the design on the lino again with a brush marker. Then carve -

Here's how it looks at the final stages. I added some more details along the way. 

I mixed a nice red with Caligo's ink plus a lot of extender and a little big white to tone down the brightness just a little.

I printed in both this red and black, like in the beginning of the post. 

The prints are available in two colors in my shop; and soon postcards of this design in even more colors will come out too :) They will be ready for purchase through my autumn Kickstarter campaign also. Stay tuned - follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or say hello!

Enjoy a nice midsummer weekend!