Two Stockholm traffic-themed reduction linocuts

I made two new linocuts for the printmaking exhibition in Galleri Sjöhästen on Lidingö and here are some process photos. The sketching and carving went on back and forth from home to studio and it was a really fun process. 

Pencil and some ball-pen sketch on lino, then 3 layers of clear acrylic spray to seal. 

Started with carving the Tegnérgatan block. I never really carved rocks or mountains before and they have been a little intimidating, but I decided to trust my fingertip feelings (fingertoppskänsla) with this one and see how it turns out. 

First layer completed. Doesn't look much at this point, but I wanted really dramatic shadows in this one - they are what inspired this print to begin with. There's only scattered spots of bright light on the rocks - they would be left white, thus the carved out part here. 

First layer printed. I mixed a dark and rich color somewhere between cyan and seagreen. Yup it was the Halloween weekend :)

When the 1st print is hanging to dry, I went on carving the second block of Lidingöbanan train station.

First layer printed, hanging back-to-back with the traffic light print. Rich yellow that inspired the autumn print. 

Second layer of Tegnérgatan being printed. This is the best moment of a printmaker's day :) 

Here you can see my registration system too - buffer for the linoleum block, registration pins taped to the cutting mat and tabs to top of the paper. 

The completed print. The block measures 20 x 20 cm, and the paper 30 x 30 cm. 

This is an edition of 20 for both prints, each hand-printed on Japanese Hosho paper. 

And here's the Lidingöbanan train station print. 

Both prints can be purchased in my shop :)

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