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Airship Linocut

This is a commissioned linocut design for a craft beer brewery in Italy. The client will be using the design for their beer label; the edition of original prints are also available in my shop

The initial pencil sketch. Concrete enough to give me a guideline when carving, but without too much details - the dark color of the Japanese vinyl means it's a little hard to see the pencil sketch after transfer, so it's better to add more details later on when carving.  


After rubbing the sketch onto the block, I sprayed three layers of clear acrylic spray to seal it. I'd been experimenting to get the perfect coverage; three layers seem to do the trick. Be sure to wait for it to dry between layers too. 

This sketch should last through carving, printing (Carligo ink) and cleaning (baby oil or baby wipes), so it works great for reduction prints. 

Then it's carving time. Extra important to keep the big gouges sharp when carving away the white area.

Done carving! I also ended up trimming away most of the border with scissors to make sure of a nice & clean print. 

Hanging to dry - this is an edition of 30 printed on Hosho paper. The design measures 15 x 21 cm and the paper 30 x 30 cm. Numbered and signed on the bottom.

You can purchase the original Airship linocut here

I have already started the second design for the client - also a linocut, this time of an great horned owl in full hunting mode. The sketch is almost completed and you'll find it in a day or two on my Instagram. This be fun!