Hand-printed wrapping paper

I had been toying with the idea of stamping my own wrapping paper even before I found out we were going to have a big family Christmas dinner that presumably involves a gift pile under a proper tree. Then I realized if I was ever going to print some wrapping paper, this would be the Christmas to do so.  

This would be your standard magazine shot. 
Upon request, Anton dug out a huge roll of kraft paper from the garage. I wan't sure how lighter colors would show on the paper, so I decided to keep it simple and print in black. We ditched the idea of making regular snowflake or deer head stamps and went with 1) two stamps of our beautiful faces and 2) a smaller stamp saying God Jul (Merry Christmas in Swedish). 

The smaller stamp gave the final result a modern and chic feel and made us seem less like narcissistic brats who give our presents covered with only their faces. 


Anyway - I made all three stamps one morning, went home and we started stamping away. 

You talking to me?
Our gifts vary quite a bit in size, so I printed the stamps closer for smaller gifts and further apart for bigger boxes, using both Brilliance's Graphite Black and StazOn's Jet Black to print the wrapping paper. Brilliance is very easy to clean with just water while StazOn is an archival ink that will stain your stamp, unless you use their stamp-cleaner. I don't recommend mixing these two kinds of ink pads if you want to keep your stamps all clean and pretty, but ink residue on my own stamps doesn't really bother me. 

Printing this wrapping paper can be quite mesmerizing. 
It was a nice & sunny day - which you don't see a lot this time of the year here in Stockholm - and couldn't resist bringing these out to the garden and have a magazine-worthy photo session. The afternoon sun was low and warm but there were still traces of new-fallen snow on the terrace. 

Printing enough wrapping paper for our presents (including two other that we wrapped the second day) took less than 30 minutes; I don't think our presents could look any better. 

Tie these babes up with some twine for a rustic finishing touch. Or not.
If you have any questions about the process, leave a comment below, or head over to my Facebook page and stay in tune with my creations. 

Want to get printing, but still looking for some personalized rubber stamps? I'll make one for you! You can find geeky, cute and classic designs in my shop, or commission one by emailing me today. 

Got some red and green from our trees too. 
Happy holidays! :)


This year's first "julbord"

I shipped all these packages yesterday - they will be the last batch to non-EU countries that will make it before Christmas. Now I can finally catch a breath!

May the Force guard you all the way to your new owners.

I sent out all the photos of the custom stamps this morning, then it's time for my new office's julbord this year. Julbord translates literally to Christmas table and features the highlights of Swedish cuisine including a variety of fish (various pickled herring, smoked and baked salmon), Christmas cheese, Christmas ham, meatballs (of course), Janssons frestelse (Jansson's temptation, a traditional Swedish casserole), beetroot salad, potatoes and more. 

Weeks of very hard work gave me good reasons to justify my over-eating. 

As usual, here are some stamps I shipped out yesterday -

Anna makes adorable little felt mice. She wanted a custom logo stamp for her Etsy shop, As Nice As Mice, with her favorite mouse, Archibald, with his little glasses and waist coat.

Here's Archibald. Photo from Anna's Etsy shop
Here is the custom logo stamp I created for Anna! It measures about 5cm or 2" tall.

Here's a tiny stamp for Tyrone who owns an English brunch place called Greasy Spoon in Södermalm, Stockholm. This tiny stamp of their logo is the second one I made for them.

This little one is roughly 1cm or 3/8" wide.
And a new portrait stamp! This is how a hand-carved custom portrait stamp comes together - from photo, to sketch, then into a stamp :)

Mmm. Off to enjoy a well-deserved weekend! 

New studio, yay!

I moved to a new studio!

It's in the center the island Lidingö, a modest 11 square meters. I have moved in my smaller computer desk and the bigger one (on the left)  for when I sketch, carve or print. I built some simple wall-hanging shelves on the right. Apart from the two windows you see, there's a large glass wall facing the outside - that's where our fika area and kitchen is.

Needless to say, I'm feeling peachy! This following week will be very busy with loads of Christmas orders, but after that I should have sometime to make a few prints.

Anyway, I'm posting pictures of my recent custom hand-carved rubber stamps - I shipped this many last week - and you know where the shop is if you'd like to order one :)

The first is Ann's stamp. She's the awesome snake/reptile rescue lady from Australia. Ann won my last portrait stamp giveaway and this is the prize - her personalized portrait stamp.

Ann's stamp actually took two attempts. I wasn't happy with the first version's python so I had to make a second one. It turned out great though!

Then there are two very small stamps: a 1 cm mouse and a 3 cm pelican.

Another two portrait stamps of two very different ladies -

A custom text stamp for wedding invitations -

And a custom logo rubber stamp for Karyn. She's based in Mjölby, Sweden and makes goat milk soap!

As usual, you can find out about giveaways and Christmas offers on my Facebook page :) Have a good day!

Important Dates for Christmas & New Year 2014

I'm working over time - happily! - to fulfill your orders this season :)

Here are some important dates you could refer to when ordering for Christmas and new year.

If you are ordering stamps for Christmas, below is the deadline:

order deadline
estimated shipping date
Dec 15
before Dec 22
other EU countries, Norway & Switzerland
Dec 7
before Dec 12
rest of the world
Dec 1
before Dec 5

If you are ordering for new year, here are the dates:

order deadline
estimated shipping date
Dec 20
before Dec 29
other EU countries, Norway & Switzerland
Dec 12
before Dec 18
rest of the world
Dec 9
before Dec 12

*The shipping date is based Swedish Post Office's Inför jul och nyår. "This is just to say" the shop does not take responsibility for delay during shipping for standard airmail. 

*I ship with Swedish Post Office's standard airmail (1:a klassbrev) to keep the cost as low as possible for you. This method is not trackable, but you can opt for registered mail (tracking available) or express mail (faster, tracking available) during checkout. 

After the holidays, my turnaround time will be back to usual - about 10 days. For shipping time after the holidays, take a look at my shipping info page.

Too late to order? You can always get some gift cards here so your loved ones can commission their own hand-carved stamp!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my Facebook page or use the "contact me" button on the right side of my shop