Painting on a Wall

Last two weeks I've been busy with a big project - painting someone's living room wall. The client lives and works near St Maria Magdalena church and really likes my linocut; and I just couldn't refuse a commission to cover someone's living room wall with my print. 

After covering around the work area with lots and lots of newspaper and masking tape, I sprayed the surface with a light Phthalo blue almost identical to the background color I mixed for the linocut

For the outlines I used a projector (I drew faint white lines in the 3rd photo above). The light from the projector actually made it quite hard to see, so I turned it off once I had a good structure. 

I got a bunch of supplies from Highlights, a graffiti supply store in Stockholm; the folk there also gave a lot of good advice. Aside from gloves, mask, tape and basic supplies, I mainly used MTN water-based color - spray paint, markers and refills. 

It was hard to get enough ink out when drawing directly on the wall, so I ended up using the markers as brushes, dipping them in the refill which I put in the spray can caps. 

Last step was to put a layer of varnish over the whole wall to protect the design.  

All done!

A whole new kind of project like this was both exhausting and fulfilling (I completed the wall in 4 days), and this year will hopefully witness many new things - prints, patterns and workshops. I'll post about the new zebra print very soon too :)