Fun Sale before the Summer

Since I'll be leaving for summer vacation from the middle of July, I thought I'd have a fun sale in the shop and make some nice stamps before the summer.

This is perfect if you want a nice personal stationary item for yourself (the smallest stamp costs $10 including international shipping), a birthday or wedding gift for a friend - the possibilities are endless since you get to choose what the stamp says!

This is how it works

: go to

my shop

 and look around at the stamps - this applies to any existing design in the shop and I have A LOT of them - pick the one you like, and check out. You'll see an

"additional comment" box

- that's where you can leave a name/sentence/phrase,

anything less than 10 letters is free :)

If your text is longer than 10 letters, I'll charge $10 every 10 letters (starting at $10, and jumping at $10 marks, e.g. 23 letter -> 13 extra letters -> $20 extra).

I'll pick a font that looks nice with the design, but if you have any stylistic preference you can mention that in the comment too.


an example

: my friend's son really likes Batman and his name is Björn, so I go ahead and order the

Batman Cutie stamp

for him, leaving his name and an exclamation mark - "Björn!" - in the additional comment box at checkout, also saying "a comics-style font". Done!

My current turnaround is about

12 days

; shipping takes around a week to non-European countries and about 3 days to Europe. If you have any other questions, you can reach me at

tyr [at] thisisjusttosay.co

 or find me on

my Facebook page


I also have a couple of

new prints

in the shop; they are not on sale but they are quite nice to look at.



Font Fiesta

I love working typography into my stamp designs. When I get requests for custom stamps, I sometimes get asked "are there fonts you recommend?" which I find hard to answer, most because fonts are like us and each one of them is so uniquely different!

I decide to make this image (go chalkboard typography!) to show you some of my favorite fonts as well as give a nod of the head to some of the cinematic classics. Like I said, the fonts are all free, and if you click on the source address below the image you can go to the download page where you'll also be able to preview custom text in that pretty font.

Leave a message and share your favorite font and quote!

Girls in the Woods

A couple of days ago when I was on the bus I notices a huge chunk of bright orange fungi on a tree trunk by the side of the road. I couldn't get a good closer look though because the bus was going too fast, but I was so intrigued and decided to pay a visit the next day after the rain.

Look at it. Just look at it.
The creature (or creatures, maybe?) was just breath-taking. It's about 60cm/2 feet tall I showed the photo to one of my mushroom-expert friends and was told that this belongs to the species of...(*drumrolls) Laetiporus sulphureus. Here's what Wikipedia says:

"Laetiporus sulphureus is a species of bracket fungus (fungus that grows on trees) found in Europe and North America. Its common names are sulphur polypore, sulphur shelf, and chicken of the woods. Its fruit bodies grow as striking golden-yellow shelf-like structures on tree trunks and branches. ..."

Part of me really wanted to eat it but alas, it's just too beautiful.
Why am I writing about mushrooms and whatnots on a craft blog, you ask? Because 1) nature is awesome and 2) it is probably as inspiring as it gets! 

Another thing to love about the woods: randomness.
Onto the craft part of the blog... the first custom stamp I made last week was one for little Laura. Her family friend Victoria is a repeat customer of mine. For Laura's birthday, Victoria requested a custom Ex Libris stamp to personalize the little girl's book collection. 

Laura is a dark-haired girl who loves nature; for her stamp, I designed a girl in her likeness, wearing a garland made of bay laurel leaves (her namesake) with a little bird standing on her hand. 

I found this lovely piece of shell-shaped wood in my wood stump box and just had to design the stamp based on the amazing organic shape. Really happy with how it turned out!

The stamp measures app. 2.6" tall.
Another one I made is a portrait stamp for Jenny. She's my only customer from Brunei and I've made so many stamps for her I lost count:p This one is the prize from the last custom portrait stamp giveaway on my Facebook page (yes, I give out free stamps, even custom ones - so if you've not been there, you should!).

As you may have noticed, I love creating custom stamps based on the shapes of the wood mount. It just feels natural and... right.
Apart from these two stamps, I also sent orders to Cerritos CA, Albuquerque NM, Seattle WA, Gaithersburg MD, Wiltshire U.K., London, Santiago, Chile last week, to name just a few. I can't describe how happy I am when I pop the brown paper bags in the yellow post box, knowing how far they'll travel. 

Here's how the Swedish post boxes look. They are yellow and blue (blue ones not shown here) like the national flag.
Btw, did you know you could see a real-time map of where my last 20 orders went? It's here - on the bottom of the page - and it's my favorite little secret gadget on the site.

That's all for now! As some of you might know, I'm moving to a new crib early next month so if you order custom stamps later than June 28th, I most likely won't be able to ship it around July15th, so that's app. 17 days rather than my usual 7 day turnaround for custom orders.

Have a nice mid summer to you all! Ha en trevlig midsommar:)

Wedding Favors of Your Dreams

Back in April, my boyfriend Raffer and I got a wedding invitation from a friend of his who was planning to have a summer wedding in Norrköping, a city south from Stockholm. The couple requested custom stamps for their wedding stationary and I was inspired to make new stamps for newly weds.

I didn't want to make up with fake names and dates for the sample stamps (they'll just go to waste in that case) so in my newsletter to my frequent customers as well as on my Facebook page, I offered a custom wedding stamp giveaway. Having come up with a few different designs, I wanted to work with couples who would be having handmade/craft-themed weddings and create personalized stamps for them.

Cindy was one of the people that got in touch with me after reading my newsletter. She's the matron of honor for Brittany and Jason's wedding. After going through some details she decided on the design that best fit the theme and I created a stamp for Brittany and Jason.

Handmade Custom Wedding Stamp with Names and Date
A hand-carved stamp featuring two love birds on a branch and tiny heart-shaped leaves sprouting.

Yesterday Cindy was kind enough to send over the pictures she took of Brittany and Jason's wedding favors - simplistic brown paper bags with imprints of the personalized stamp. So simple yet stunning!

Handmade Custom Wedding Stamp with Names and Date

More pictures after the jump...

Handmade Custom Wedding Stamp with Names and Date
I love the black and white shot too!
It's always nice to know that my stamp is put to good use by loving hands. I have the most awesome customers!

Here is another custom wedding stamp I made for Caitlyn and Chris' wedding. Caitlyn has been my customer since good old Etsy time and she's always been great to work with.

Handmade Custom Wedding Stamp with Names and Date
A tree trunk with heart engraving; bride's and groom's names and wedding date.

And another monogram design stamp for Sierra's wedding:

So that's it for the custom wedding stamp giveaway! I've hosted quite a few giveaways (like my Facebook page for the latest one!), and if you can't wait for that, you can always look around in the shop, or get in touch by e-mailing me at tyr@thisisjusttosay.co - request a personalized stamp, or just say hello!

Oh here's a looooong image for you if you are a Pinterest-aholic just like me:p