Deep Autumn, or Early Winter

I've been incredibly busy recently. Apart from my shop, I'm: 

1) taking a Swedish course everyday
2) making a business plan for my shop here in Stockholm
3) helping out on an anthology which will be published by the English Department.

It's getting dark early now and after I bike home everyday from my Swedish course there's almost always a splendid sunset outside my window. The orange/red/purple sky reminds me of the Lion King somehow:)

My roommate discovered some mini prosciutto ravioli in a local organic food store. I tried some today for lunch with my regular chicken breast salad and it's just sooooo yummy. Some greens, a tomato, cooked ravioli and chicken breast pan-fried in olive oil plus the usuals, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Need I say more?

Momma Told Me

It's Chinese Mid-Autumn Day today, a day for family reunion and, well, mooncakes!
My friend Kun is so good as making delicacies like these and I had the opportunity to be the first one to taste her creation. Yum!
Since I'm in Stockholm and all my family are back in China, the reunion part of Mid-Autumn Day this year can only happen thanks to Skype:)

Oh, some amazing news: my little shop has been featured on this amazing blog, Momma Told Me. You'll have the chance to win a custom stamp or any stamp of your choice in my shop if you have some luck. Click on the link to the blog to check out how!