Fun Sale before the Summer

Since I'll be leaving for summer vacation from the middle of July, I thought I'd have a fun sale in the shop and make some nice stamps before the summer.

This is perfect if you want a nice personal stationary item for yourself (the smallest stamp costs $10 including international shipping), a birthday or wedding gift for a friend - the possibilities are endless since you get to choose what the stamp says!

This is how it works

: go to

my shop

 and look around at the stamps - this applies to any existing design in the shop and I have A LOT of them - pick the one you like, and check out. You'll see an

"additional comment" box

- that's where you can leave a name/sentence/phrase,

anything less than 10 letters is free :)

If your text is longer than 10 letters, I'll charge $10 every 10 letters (starting at $10, and jumping at $10 marks, e.g. 23 letter -> 13 extra letters -> $20 extra).

I'll pick a font that looks nice with the design, but if you have any stylistic preference you can mention that in the comment too.


an example

: my friend's son really likes Batman and his name is Björn, so I go ahead and order the

Batman Cutie stamp

for him, leaving his name and an exclamation mark - "Björn!" - in the additional comment box at checkout, also saying "a comics-style font". Done!

My current turnaround is about

12 days

; shipping takes around a week to non-European countries and about 3 days to Europe. If you have any other questions, you can reach me at

tyr [at]

 or find me on

my Facebook page


I also have a couple of

new prints

in the shop; they are not on sale but they are quite nice to look at.