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Stamp Maker's Kit

Stamp Maker's Kit


The kit comes in a 7.5 x 18 cm or 3" x 7" cylinder tin can filled with stamp-making goodies. It feels nice and heavy and is the perfect gift for the crafty one.

  • 2 pieces of Stamp-Maker's rubber blocks - 6 cm or 2 3/8" in diameter; 1 cm or 3/8" thick. 
  • Set of 3 carving knives - a straight-bladed scalpel, a small V-gouge and a bigger U-gouge. 
  • 3 ink pads - red, blue and black.
  • A small canvas pull-string keepsake bag.
  • A pencil with eraser.
  • An A5-sized piece of tracing paper.
  • A small poster with 10+ templates of different skill levels and step-by-step photo guide to help you start with confidence and ease.

I ship every week; feel free to get in touch if you'd like information on expedited shipping or rough time of arrival. 

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