Hi! I’m a Stockholm-based graphic designer and printmaker. I moved from my hometown Chongqing, China to Sweden in 2010.

I am inspired by interesting people and their stories. I like paradoxes and things that just seem a little out of place. Making illustrations is my way of exploring the world around me.

When not working, I am in the couch, watching a horror movie with my boyfriend and our cat Flufflan.

You can reach me at tian@gantian.se or by filling in the contact form here


Clas Ohlson, Sweden

TEG Publishing, Sweden

Greasy Spoon, Sweden

Medicine Man, USA

The Cider House, Denmark


Spånga konstförening, Spånga, 2019.

Edsviks konsthall, Sollentuna, 2018.

Litografiska museet, Huddinge, 2018.

Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 2017.

Galleri Sjöhästen, Lidingö, 2015.

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