Tian Gan is born and raised in Chongqing, China. She moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 and started her company in 2012, working as a freelance printmaker and graphic designer. 

Tian works primarily with relief printing. Simply put, after she makes an initial pencil sketch, she carves the design into the block, inks it with a roller, then prints it onto the paper. All her illustrations are carved and printed by hand in her studio on Lidingö. Tian also writes about her work process on the blog. 

Tian is inspired by interesting people and their stories. She likes paradoxes and things that seem just a little out of place. Making illustrations is her way of exploring the city where she lives.

You can reach Tian at tian[at]gantian.se or by filling in the contact form here



Hand-printed illustrations

Colored or single-color linocut illustrations full of character and style, for stationary, book covers and illustrations, invitations, or just for some original art on the wall.

Hand-carved rubber stamps

Custom design stamps of logos, portraits, texts. Check out Tian's previous work under "stamps" in the menu. Stamps are great for wedding stationary, a part of brand identity, or as an ex libris for your book collection.

Graphic Design

Tian works with digital tools as well as with her hands. With the help of Photoshop and Illustrator she creates illustrations, logos and other graphic material with a consistent strong style and expressiveness. 


Sharing is caring! Tian has been hosting stamp-making and linocut workshops in Stockholm since July, 2016. For upcoming workshops and photos from previous workshops, click here. The workshops is a fun activity for beginners and also great for designers looking to extend their scope.